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Paddy Power

Over 1,000,000 using Paddy Power’s porducts

Paddy Power offers win, lose or money back betting & there’s always something new on site. They are also renowed for ‘Justice” payouts where they pay out based on what they think should have happened, as well as the actual result. A great deal for punters! This is also the best bookmaker for  novelty bets – e.g. X Factor, Big Brother, Eurovision…

Paddy Power was founded in 1988.

Back then three Irish bookmakers – Stewart Kenny, David Power, and John Corcoran – decided to merge their businesses. With 40 betting shops and a determination to bring betting into the world of entertainment, Paddy Power was born: and started making mischief from the start.

We put customers at the heart of our business, engaged them with pioneering innovations, and listened to them when they told us what they thought. If it tore up the conventions of old-fashioned book-making… so much the better…

This dogged refusal to conform and obsession with delivering an unparalleled customer experience ensures that Paddy Power holds a special place in the minds of punters. In 2000 Paddy Power made its first foray in to online gambling with the launch of its website, taking up a leading position in online which we’ve held ever since. In 2002 we opened our first shop in the UK.  The Paddy Power commitment to reinventing the betting shop as a place of entertainment seemed to catch on with punters – so we opened a few more. By 2014, we had 250 shops in the UK – more than in Ireland.

2004: Paddy Power e-gaming launched

In 2004, again ahead of most of our rivals, we took to e-gaming with the launch of and, and the following year we launched  We wondered how to announce it to the world, then realised that the answer was starkly obvious: we organised the world’s largest-ever strip poker game.

By the time was unleashed in 2006 we had a fine range of e-gaming products to offer – and we began to turn our minds to the big world beyond these islands.

2009: International Expansion

We began with Australia, where in in 2009 we bought a 51% stake in online bookmaker The next year, we bought the remaining shares; and Sportsbet has been doing very nicely ever since. 2009 was also the year we spotted a different kind of opportunity – the chance to share our cutting-edge technology with partners overseas as a business-to-business (B2B) venture. Our first B2B partnership was in France, with PMU, Europe’s largest betting organisation, and a second partnership in Canada followed.

2010: mobile gaming

It was all about mobile in 2010, as we became the first online bookmaker to have a gambling app in the Apple app store. The app is now responsible for a large percentage of bets placed with the company and we celebrated our millionth download in May of 2013.

Bulgarian-based games and software development firm Cayetano became part of Paddy Power when we bought it in 2011, adding some very clever ladies and gentlemen to the superbright people whose product development and technology flair has enabled us to lead the market.

2012: move into new headquarters

In 2012, the majority of our Ireland head office left our spiritual home of Tallaght for the brand spanking new Power Tower in Clonskeagh, Dublin. This was the year that the company expanded in to the online Italian market, launched the first-ever real-money casino app designed for Apple touchscreen devices, and had a lot of fun with a Danish footballer’s underwear… We also released Roller, and our social betting game BetDash.

2013: world record mischief

By 2013, we were in the mood for more mischief. Never ones to think size doesn’t matter, we broke the world record for the largest painted sign in history: a wallaby cuddling a lion, which greeted British and Irish Lions players and fans at Melbourne airport in 2013. We opened 75 new shops in the UK and Ireland, signed a new B2B partnership with the Slovakian sportsbook Niké, and launched PP messenger, a new betting app. Sportsmen and women everywhere wore our Rainbow Laces as part of the Right Behind Gay Footballers campaign we ran with Stonewall, and we underlined our pioneering technological credentials when 45% of our online revenue came from players on smartphones and tablets.