Chelsea to be champions

As Premier League season heads toward the final stretch, the FC crew debate which sides will finish in the top four.
Steve Nicol wraps up all of Sunday’s Premier League action, with United and Spurs getting much-needed wins and Liverpool and City battling to a breathless 1-1 draw.
Steve Nicol wraps up all of Sunday’s Premier League action, with United and Spurs getting much-needed wins and Liverpool and City battling to a breathless 1-1 draw.
The ESPN FC crew present their Premier League relegation predictions, but are there any surprises from the group?

As the Premier League resumes after the final international break of the season, it’s time for some predictions.

Made on the grounds of current form and historical results between clubs, ESPN FC has plotted a course to the final day on May 21. It makes happy reading for Chelsea, but brings bad tidings to the present bottom three. And Arsenal.

1. Chelsea (95 points)
Currently: 1st, 69 points (Games left: 10)

Wins: Crystal Palace, Manchester City, Bournemouth, Manchester United, Everton, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Watford
Draws: Southampton, West Brom
Losses: None

2. Tottenham (81)
Currently: 2nd, 59 points (Games left: 10)

Wins: Watford, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Arsenal, West Ham, Manchester United
Draws: Burnley, Swansea, Leicester, Hull
Losses: None

3. Manchester City (80)
Currently: 3rd, 57 points (Games left: 10)

Wins: Arsenal, Hull, Southampton, Middlesbrough, Crystal Palace, Leicester, Watford
Draws: West Brom, Manchester United
Losses: Chelsea

4. Liverpool (77)
Currently: 4th, 56 points (Games left: 9)

Wins: Everton, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Southampton, West Ham, Middlesbrough
Draws: Stoke, West Brom, Watford
Losses: None

Liverpool are chasing just their third top-four finish in the last 15 seasons.

5. Manchester United (73)
Currently: 5th, 52 points (Games left: 11)

Wins: West Brom, Everton, Sunderland, Swansea, Arsenal, Crystal Palace
Draws: Burnley, Manchester City, Southampton
Losses: Chelsea, Tottenham

6. Arsenal (64)
Currently: 6th, 50 points (Games left: 11)

Wins: West Ham, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Everton
Draws: Southampton, Leicester
Losses: Manchester City, Crystal Palace, Tottenham, Manchester United, Stoke

7. Everton (63)
Currently: 7th, 50 points (Games left: 9)

Wins: Leicester, Burnley, Swansea, Watford
Draws: West Ham
Losses: Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal

8. West Brom (52)
Currently: 8th, 43 points (Games left: 9)

Wins: Leicester
Draws: Watford, Southampton, Liverpool, Manchester City, Burnley, Chelsea
Losses: Manchester United, Swansea

9. Southampton (49)
Currently: 10th, 33 points (Games left: 11)

Wins: Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Hull, Stoke
Draws: West Brom, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United
Losses: Manchester City, Liverpool, Middlesbrough

10. Stoke (47)
Currently: 9th, 36 points (Games left: 9)

Wins: West Ham, Bournemouth, Arsenal
Draws: Liverpool, Hull
Losses: Leicester, Burnley, Swansea, Southampton

11. Leicester (44)
Currently: 15th, 30 points (Games left: 10)

Wins: Stoke, Sunderland, Watford, Bournemouth
Draws: Tottenham, Arsenal
Losses: Everton, Crystal Palace, West Brom, Manchester City

12. Swansea (40)
Currently: 17th, 27 points (Games left: 9)

Wins: Middlesbrough, Stoke, West Brom
Draws: Tottenham, West Ham, Watford, Sunderland
Losses: Manchester United, Everton

Since Paul Clement took over as manager, Swansea’s relegation fears have eased.

13. West Ham (39)
Currently: 12th, 33 points (Games left: 9)

Wins: Burnley
Draws: Swansea, Sunderland, Everton
Losses: Hull, Arsenal, Stoke, Tottenham, Liverpool

14. Bournemouth (39)
Currently: 11th, 33 points (Games left: 9)

Wins: Middlesbrough, Burnley
Draws: None
Losses: Southampton, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Sunderland, Stoke, Leicester

15. Crystal Palace (38)
Currently: 16th, 28 points (Games left: 10)

Wins: Arsenal, Leicester, Burnley
Draws: Hull
Losses: Chelsea, Southampton, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester City, Manchester United

16. Burnley (38)
Currently: 13th, 32 points (Games left: 9)

Wins: Stoke
Draws: Tottenham, Manchester United, West Brom
Losses: Middlesbrough, Everton, Crystal Palace, Bournemouth, West Ham

17. Watford (38)
Currently: 14th, 31 points (Games left: 10)

Wins: Sunderland
Draws: West Brom, Swansea, Hull, Liverpool
Losses: Tottenham, Leicester, Everton, Manchester City, Chelsea

18. Hull (32)
Currently: 18th, 24 points (Games left: 9)

Wins: West Ham
Draws: Middlesbrough, Stoke, Watford, Crystal Palace, Tottenham
Losses: Manchester City, Southampton, Sunderland

19. Sunderland (31)
Currently: 20th, 20 points (Games left: 10)

Wins: Bournemouth, Hull, Middlesbrough
Draws: West Ham, Swansea
Losses: Watford, Leicester, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea

20. Middlesbrough (29)
Currently: 19th, 22 points (Games left: 10)

Wins: Burnley, Southampton
Draws: Hull
Losses: Swansea, Arsenal, Bournemouth, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Sunderland

John Brewin is a staff writer for ESPN FC. Follow him on Twitter @JohnBrewinESPN.

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